2012 New Year Regatta

New Year Regatta … Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th January 2012

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What a great weekend!  
The ‘weather gods’ were not quite as kind as they might have been, but we managed five good races, each with a very different wind profile.

For entries, we had 30 visiting skippers from 10 different clubs mixing it up with 36 local skippers

  • 30 D Division catamarans in Nacra 5.8, Nacra 16 sq, A Class and Hobie 16, with individual Mosquito, Stingray, and Taipan 4.9
  • 14 C Division catamarans in Paper Tiger, Nacra 4.5, Nacra 430 and Arrow, with an individual Calypso 16 and SmartKat
  • 12 B Division skiffs in Laser and Moth foiler, with individual Enterprise, Tasar and Vagabond
  • Five Careel 18s, for the second round of the Careel Queensland Championship
  • Four of our local Sabot fleet, competing in their first ‘real’ regatta

LSWSA is proud to publish the final results for the 2012 New Year Regatta.  The delays in posting the results are associated with our verification process. This process is now complete. Congratulations to the division place getters and thank you to all the competitors who made this years Regatta a resounding success.

Race 1 results

Race 2 results

Race 3 results

Race 4 results

Race 5 results

Sabot results

Overall Results