Adventure Cruise Log

Log: Adventure Cruise Sunday 8th November 2009
Toorbul to Mission Point

     Vessel: TS “SUITSUS”, Skipper: Peter Bruinsma
     Crew: David Stephens,
     Forebearing Passengers: Anthony & his mum Gillian Stephens.
     Purple: Route planned with the aid of the “Beaconto Beacon” publication,
                and plotted on a pc, then transferred to the GPS unit.
     Distance: 7.4 km (4 nm)
     Yellow: Track sailed to Mission Point, (Guided by the GPS & visual navigation aids)
     Distance: 7.8 km (4.2 nm) Travelling time 55min assisted by the rising tide.
     Green: Return track sailed to Toorbul (guided by the GPS and the Depth Sounder).
     Distance: 13.7 km (7.4 nm) Travelling time 2hr20min. High tide, mostly slack water.