Adventure Cruises

Our activities are not always confined to the lake … from time to time we host a social sailing event to ‘faraway places’. These were oeiginally planned as an opportunity for members with smaller vessels to enjoy the chance of sailing to locations that they might not wish to achieve alone … a group event, with larger club vessels to act as ‘mother ships’, makes these voyages possible.

The next challenge is to find a launch site with facilities to suit both off-the-beach craft and trailerboats, a destination with a favourable beach, ‘short-course’ destinations for lighter weather, relatively sheltered waters, etc! Most of our cruises have been in Pumicestone Passage.

Mission Point is as favourite destination … sandy beach, picnic tables and toilets, safe swimming for the kids!

Here are some images from previous cruises. To see a typical Cruise Log click here

Getting the fuel mix right!

Starting at Bellara

Low tide sand flats at Toorbul

Toorbul at 3/4 tide

Mission Point

Mission Point

Mission Point