Lake Samsonvale Water Sports Association By-Laws

The Association operates on a lease from the South East Qld Water Corporation. The terms of the lease require us to abide by the following rules. Please assist us by reading and complying.

1. A Key will be issued to you. This will give you access to the gate, clubroom and toilets. Please maintain the security of the lake area by escorting your guests to and from the gate… do not leave the key available for others to use.

2. The Main entry gate off Winn Road is to be kept locked at all times. Keys must not be used by Non-Members.

3. Personal Floatation Devices (Types 1, 2 or 3) are to be worn at all times when on the water by all persons, except the occupants of rowing shells.

4. No swimming, fishing or similar activities are permitted.

5. No motors are allowed to be used on boats except, those on official safety boats.

6. The LSWSA lease covers the mowed area on the point near the clubhouse only. Members are not to leave the main access track on any side tracks under any circumstances.

7. Camping is not permitted in tents, caravans or any other manner.

8. No dogs or other domestic animals are allowed.

9. All on-water activities are prohibited between sunset and sunrise.

10. No access is permitted to the restricted water area in the vicinity of the overhead power line to the East of the Club land. The line of restriction between two headlands may be marked by buoys.

11. Lake Samsonvale Water Sports Association will not be responsible for individual insurance claims. It is recommended that Comprehensive Insurance including $10M Public Liability be held by the operator of any boat, craft or vessel used on the lake. This is absolutely essential if you intend competing in racing events.

12. A speed limit of 40kms/hr applies to all vehicles, as do the normal road rules including the wearing of seat belts and the prohibition of persons riding on the outside of vehicles and trailers. Drivers MUST have a current licence to drive a Motor Vehicle.

13. Vehicles may only be parked parallel to the waters edge.

14. No fires may be lit except in the constructed fireplaces provided.

15. Lake water must not be used for human consumption, cooking or food preparation. Boiling the water does not remove toxins.

16. Members are responsible for the conduct of their visitors. Non-members are permitted to visit a maximum of three (3) times after which they are required to join the Association. (Members of other clubs invited for regattas are exempt).

17. Members are NOT to land boats on any land not in the Lake Samsonvale Water Sports Association Lease (i.e. the immediate vicinity of the Clubhouse and rigging area) except in emergency situations. All other foreshores and islands are private property, and it is trespassing to enter these lands.

18. NO LITTERING …. Please Use the bins provided or take your rubbish with you.

19. Members are to display a Lake Samsonvale Water Sports Association Sticker on their craft if in the Dayboro Reach of North Pine River – also used by Pine Rivers Fishing Club. This is especially important for all forms of Paddle / Oar Powered Craft.

20. Minors MUST be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.