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Hobie ‘Adventure Islands’ are growing in popularity across SEQld and Bob Rankin, who has enjoyed sailing his AI at Lake Samsonvale, would like to see a small fleet of these fun craft sailing/racing together as part of the LSWSA regular fortnightly meetings. The club has two Hobie AIs and Bob has had contact from a few other owners around the Redcliffe Peninsula who are interested in sailing together. If we can get 4 – 6 Hobie AIs together regularly we can enjoy the fun of sailing/racing in a one design class.

As owners we can decide on whether we will allow use of the mirage pedal drive, for example we could allow on light wind days, or include on special races with a 100 pedal limit which would make for interesting decisions as to when to pump them, like thru a tack or to get a windward advantage or to wait near the finish for that extra burst to the finish line!!

Some owners may also be interested in coming together at other times to explore the lake – there is a wealth of natural beauty and birdlife to discover.

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If you have any queries, please contact Bob Rankin (BH) 3834 2037 (AH) 0416 294 096  or email: rrankin108@gmail.com