Renewal is issued, and fees are due on September 1st each year.

Between September and February,  new members are charged the full annual fee,  but for new members this fee is discounted by 50% after March 1st and by 75% after June 1st. Existing members from the previous season are not entitled to this discount if they fail to pay their renewal until late in the season.

Family Membership (for a single person, but Includes spouse and children to 18 years)$190 p.a.
Full-Time Student Membership (18-25 years, student card necessary)$110 p.a.
Pensioner Membership (Pension card necessary)$110 p.a.
Associate Membership for other clubs (by request)$ 110 p.a.
Junior Membership (To 18 years, usually crew from another family)$ 25 p.a.
On-Site Boat Storage - Boat park bay is upon application$220 p.a.
On-Site Boat Storage - Undercover rack is upon application (small vessel only, kayak, sabot, etc)$110 p.a.
Extra Key$ 20

Race Fees – If racing, a small fee is payable for race day associated costs (eg. Rescue boat fuel,trophies)

Read the By-Laws

Please contact the Membership Secretary for Applications and More Information.

Postal address –

Lake Samsonvale Water Sports Association Inc

PO Box 212
Strathpine, Queensland 4500