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Way back in the early ‘eighties, I saw a magazine article about the ‘new’ Windrush 600 … it sounded interesting, but at that time I was unable to follow its progress. I lost track of these vessels for twenty years, until I was looking for a vessel to get me on to the water away from a ‘refurb project’ that was taking too long … and a Windrush 600 was for sale at just that time! Only after sailing one did I realize what a versatile little boat these were. For anybody looking to get into multihull cruising/racing at the ‘economy end’, a Windrush 600 is an attractive proposition …

Quick to rig and launch While the ‘wide version’ needs to be moored, the ‘narrow version’ is trailable width. The rigging remains attached, and the mast can be raised using the winch, getting it as quickly on the water as any other trailable boat. Safe and stable platform With a full length trampoline between the raised cabins you would need to try very hard to fall off … so it’s safe for young families and those new to sailing. The boomless main is easy to control and safe when going about, and the handling characteristics are very forgiving.

Cruising and camping Owing to the limited size cruising accommodation is minimal … it’s possible for an adult to stretch out in comfort in each hull, but even better to rig a boom tent or a camping tent on the trampoline.


The Windrush comes from before modern developments in sailing technology, but responds well to rig improvements. It sails well in higher winds, and if sailed aggressively it can hold its own in multihull events. Researching information on the net revealed that there wasn’t a single repository of data about these vessels, and very little evidence to show how many are still sailing.

This site has become such a repository, collecting as much information as I can about these versatile vessels. If you own such a boat, know of any owner, have an enquiry, or can update me on the history of any boat, please email me.

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